Ben A Skip 4 u


Favourite food: BBQ

Interesting Fact: Is the person who normally answers the phone as he has the best phone voice!

Dave A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Hairdoo

Interesting fact: I can play the guitar

Favourite food: Steak, Chips & Peas

Words describe me: Friendly and Helpful

Gav A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Wills

Interesting fact: Love beer and a laugh

Favourite food: Spagbol

Words describe me: Stressful/ Joker

james A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Slim

Favourite food: All

Words describe me: Good Looking, Fat, Always Hungry

Joe A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Portaloo Pest
Interesting fact: Man U fan
Words describe me: Calm/ Great/ Brilliant

mario A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Maz
Interesting fact: Love bike track days
Favourite food: The one I can eat fastest
Words describe me: Active / Laid Back 


Damien A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Chin

Interesting fact: West Ham fan

Favourite food: Indian

Danny A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Rammer

Favourite food: Indian or Roast

Words describe me: Serious / Moody

Neil A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Wetty

Interesting fact: Into my films and love cinema

Favourite food: Crisps

Phil A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Big Phil

Interesting fact: I support Liverpool FC

Favourite food: Indian

Words describe me: Chilled / Fun / Sexy

Richard A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Tricky Dicky

Ryan A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Fish

Interesting fact: Flexible and likes sport

Favourite food: Indian

Words describe me: Active / Laid Back

Mark A Skip 4 u


Nickname: Bean

Interesting fact: Look like Jack Sparrow & Love drawing

Favourite food: Steak and Chips

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